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"Jundao is a martial arts club for everyone, those who want to get fit as well as learn the art of combat."

How Safe Is Leicester?

With crime rates up on previous year you can't take the risk of not knowing how to defend yourself Properly, whats a few punches going to do against a knife, or a kick against a gun. You know that you need to defend yourself PROPERLY.
At JMA we demo real life situations alongside real life solutions.

Crime Statistics in Leicester

Take a look at some current stats from last year


With Crime on the Increase

Don't get caught out unprepared as the graph shows crime is on the increase in Leicester. 


Don't be a Victim.

Discover the amazing program anyone can learn that gives YOU a surprising advantage over some scumbag intent on you becoming his next victim… regardless of your size, speed, athletic skills or prior training !

  1. This training is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before because YOU become the one who controls what happens… from the damage that’s done to the final outcome. He becomes little more than a puppet — a helpless pawn
  2. You’ll walk out the training room door after any one of these sessions knowing exactly how to handle real-world criminal violence 
  3. You’ll quickly and easily master what’s needed regardless of your background or athletic ability because the system is based on PRINCIPLES, not years of memorized techniques. That’s because everything you get is based on simple, easily-learned science & physics, not your physical ability.
  4. And that’s why while classes are intense you do NOT need any prior training or expertise in martial arts, self-defense or fighting. In fact, having no experience at all sometimes makes it easier for you to learn this unique material since you don’t need to ‘unlearn’ any of the preconceived ideas other people must let go of to more easily and naturally learn to protect themselves from violence.


"Jundao is a system dedicated to promoting effective training methods for anyone wanting to learn the real art of combat."

Martial Arts

Womens Self Defence



Mens Self Defence

Learn how to protect yourself and others from harm, training with a wide range of individuals will help you overcome obstacles that a regular individual will face.


Kids Self Defence Classes & Fitness

Wan't your kids to feel more confident, feel worried whenever they go out.  At JMA we teach different ways to protect yourself in different situations, ask yourself is your childs safety not at the top of your priority.


One to One 

One to one combat training and drills make sure you are never startled in a real life situation, be able to take control and inflict pain wherever needed.


Group Sessions Training

Train as part of a team with varying individuals to gain experience with different heights and builds, preparing you for the outside.


SIA security training 

At Jundao Martial Arts, we can offer a clear career path from start to finish, with our SIA accredited trainers ready to assist you to become the best security operative that you can be. For a fantastic career path, working within a fun environment with a philosophy based on being more Principled, more Passionate, more Professional and more Participative, why not sign up with us?

Our Clients

Our clients include private and public sector of which include indivisuals from the health care sector, security sector, care home sector, teaching sector, education sector, finance sector, business sector, charity sector.


Our Members are wide and varied from all sorts of backgrounds. We offer classes for all ages ranging from children to individuals in their fifties and beyond. We welcome beginners who are new to training and wish to learn how to both defend themselves and get fitter. We endeavour to provide our students with the best possible training.
To empower individuals with education and abilities to improve their confidence and safety in matters relating to self preservation, and in turn, seek to positively impact conditions within our society.

Signed upto one to one training, previously did Karate,  found it really opened my eyes to how easy and effective it was. Highly recommended. 

Attended a group session with freinds. Loved it ........supprised how easy it was to control someone and even hurt them with such little effort.

I lacked confidence and always feared being attacked as I was always bullied in school. The techniques shown are drilled until it becomes a natural reaction. Learnt alot .... waiting for the next all womens class.

Fast, Effective and Easy to learn.

I really enjoyed myself at the lesson and found the atmosphere to be really welcoming and friendly.

Brilliant instructor very patient and very informative lessons.

FAQ will be updated as we see a ‘trend’ of questions to our Customer Service Team. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Groups will comprise 4 - 6 people of a comparable skill level.
Both male and female with no bias.
Train for conditioning, mobility, flexibility and skills for approx 90 minutes.  
Meet weekly - same day, same time, same location - for three months.
Payment monthly in advance
Work as a team to assist one another to develop and grow.
Work in a respectful yet fun manner - and also be challenged (oh yes!)

If you have any queries at all, please contact us.

To express your interest in joining a group, please contact us.

£20 Yearly membership

Girls aged 6 - 16
Saturday Classes  Class starts @ 12pm - 1.00pm

Boys aged 6 - 16
Saturday Classes Class starts @ 1.30pm - 3.00pm

Adults Mixed Class Men and Women


Wednesdays 7.00pm - 8.30pm

Fridays 7.00pm - 8.30pm 

Freezing up has to do with the brain entering unfamiliar territory and having no information on how to deal with the current situation. If you train for physical violence this will not be the case—you’ll know what to do if it goes physical. If it doesn’t go physical, no harm done. If it does, you’re in your element. Either way you are prepared.

Our training is all done very, VERY slow to avoid injury and for accuracy, the slow deliberate movements helps create muscle memory. It’s not a martial art; it’s not about learning to fight; it’s not memorization of moves to handle situations. And when you’re done, you’ll be able to recall and use what you learn at any time in the future it may be needed.

How do I practice by myself?

Like any type of training that involves ‘doing’ something to another person, practice with someone is always better. Having said that, there are several ways to learn this material on your own:

Train more than once, the more repetition the better, the movements are simple enough that your subconscious can and will pick them up.

You CAN practice this by yourself. Basically just imagine something similar to ‘shadow boxing.’ Picture an imaginary person attacking you, and you very slowly, deliberately doing what you learned.

Finally, don’t under estimate who can act as a ‘reaction partner’ for you. All you need is someone to stand there and allow you to go through the movements. It takes NO skill on their part, or real effort. They are NOT resisting you or sparring with you or fighting against you. J.M.A training is very different from any other self-defense training. The reaction partner’s sole function is to let you ‘use’ their body as a training tool.

How do I practice with my partner

SLOW DOWN, speed can lead to causing unintentional injury. Your training partner has offered their body as a tool for you to learn from, be respectful of that offering and take care of your reaction partner.  

What Does It Cost To Train 


£ 3.50 per lesson


    £ 6.50 per lesson

    One to One

    £ 25  per lesson


    £ 150 per day


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